Preston Ewasiuk - RCTV Producer

Preston Ewasiuk

Executive Producer / Producer / Writer / Actor / Media

When it comes to production in Arts & Entertainment there is one mantra that Preston lives by, collaborative teamwork. Applying this philosophy in all forms of media production and business project management has resulted in the creation of several highly successful corporate and artistic endeavors. 

“I believe that by empowering individuals to work together constructively, the result is many times surprising and better than first envisioned.”

Production is where Preston is most comfortable in the creative process. He is involved in many areas of creative production as an executive producer, producer, writer, and media implementation. He is the creator of the award winning pop-culture phenomenon Rutherford Manor (Universe) involved in all areas of production and a founding member of RCTV.

Although he spends most of his time with the production teams behind the camera he is no stranger to acting. As a long standing core member of the world renowned Rutherford Manor Haunt, he interacts with haunt guests via his improv skills.  You can also see him with small parts and cameos in the various productions he is involved in.

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