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Born in Calgary, Kimberley has spent most of her life in Edmonton where she pursued a career in nursing and has completed a Masters in Counselling.

Kimberley started her actor training at the Foote Theatre School and has since attended a variety of acting workshops, intensives and seminars, and has received coaching from some of the top professionals in the industry (Robin McLeavy “The Loved Ones” “Hell on Wheels”; Aaron Craven “The Age of Adaline”).

She was cast in her very first production as female lead, Persephone for Necessary Evil: The Series – a dark comedy about working in literal corporate hell. She has also had roles on shows such as “Heartland”, “Lost in Space” and the Disney film “Togo”.

Notably, she prides herself on the local work she does with film students and her role in local film productions throughout the Edmonton area, such as the massively successful “Rutherford Manor”, an original TV series produced in Edmonton that started out as a Halloween haunting concept.

Kimberley was also recently cast as the lead in Norm Foster’s “My Darling Judith”, which ran for 9 shows earlier this year. This was her first theater performance.

Kimberley is set to film her first horror feature (“Torn to Shreds”) next spring in Vancouver, and is currently in pre-production on a project about adoption where she plays the mother of an adopted child from Uganda, who grapples with the emotional dynamics following an adoption.

Kimberley brings a positive energy and light with her to any project she is connected to. She is known in the industry as a trusted and dedicated professional. She is not afraid to challenge herself and welcomes roles that stretch her in new ways. Kimberley is eager to tell stories with challenging view points and impactful messages.

What drives Kimberley as an actor is the desire to show audiences multiple perspectives, in the hopes that this leads viewers to consider new viewpoints and ultimately be more empathetic to their fellow man. This drive, her exciting energy and infectious passion make her extremely interesting and engaging to watch as a performer.

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