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David Heacock

Director / DOP / Post Production / Music / Actor

David Heacock works in the film business as a Director, Actor, Editor, DP, Music Composer, and Writer along with post production sound design. His 20 years have taught him the most important aspect of film-making, it is a collaboration. His skills are fast from small, low budget shorts to million dollar ‘live action training’ with the Canadian, British, and American Forces. He understands human natures’ impact on storytelling through movement and music. He’s been nominated numerous times including Producer for the film HYDE (short) Best Production Alberta, AMPIA, and also has garnered many writing accolades.

His passion for story telling is evident in his work in those specific areas that complete the story telling process. His love for the people he is partnered with give every project a positive feel as he is engaged in every step of the collaborative process with an open mind and heart. He is happy to bring his specific skills as needed to each project to bring to life the vision of the film.

David will be key in getting the film to where it needs to be, both story and production-wise. With a keen eye and careful attention to detail, the film will have a transparent production value that will allow the story to shine!

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