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About Us

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Improv Actors, Writers, Comedians, Hypnotists, Production Professionals, and good friends make up the cast and crew of River City Television. 

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Our Story

If you are reading this page you are probably wondering who the heck are these River City Television people? Well, to be blunt, and we do like being blunt in everything we do, RCTV is a group of friends and professionals that want to make funny, compelling, dark, and sometime crazy videos. We make things that we want to see on the screen and share with others around the world.  That’s it, no other crazy agenda, no political statements, no social justice soapbox, just good entertainment that is sometimes funny, maybe a bit gross, perhaps it pushes the limits of good taste, certainly sometimes thought provoking, and always something cool to watch.  

All of this fun stuff started with an idea to create a stupid and silly skit called Babageddon. This skit was dreamed up by RCTV Executive Producer, Preston Ewasiuk, with his brother over a Christmas holiday. A simple conversation making jokes about their own Ukrainian heritage and how Baba’s work so hard making perogies for church dinners led to some crazy ideas that just BEGGED to be put on the screen. The seed was planted. 

This led to meetings and writing sessions with Neil Chase, conversations with director, David Heacock, planning meetings with Lindsay Christopher and recruitment of actors such as Darrell Portz and Jamie Pruden. During the first big meeting of the RCTV Production team to plan Babageddon, the team realized that everyone wanted to do so much more than one short skit / film and thus RCTV was born. 

Everyone involved in RCTV comes from some sort of independent or professional background in writing, production, acting etc. The teams’ wide range of experience and talents compliment each other and allow them to create in a co-operative teamwork setting that we hope shows in the media that we make. Even though everyone involved comes from very different backgrounds they all share one common goal, to make cool content that people will like, talk about, and share with their friends.  

Where RCTV goes in the future is anyone’s guess and we as a team are looking forward to what the days ahead will hold. Thank you for watching our stuff. Please share it with others and we will keep making cool stuff for you to watch. 

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RCTV is a group of talented creative people who have fun creating cool stories and silly skits for you to enjoy.