Symptoms of hearing loss

Hearing loss

Symptoms of hearing loss – The children begin to hear and recognize the rhythm and melody of the voices already in the first months of life. Often, when we talk about them, they respond by emitting sounds with his voice. If a hearing problem is neglected, the ability to learn oral language may be strongly affected.

This have any negative effects on the school path and education, and, consequently, on the employment prospects and quality of life in general. The stages of communication development mentioned below will help in the early detection of hearing loss in your child. If you have doubts on the development of your child, please contact an audiologist for an evaluation of the problem.

The development in children with normal hearing

Infants – babies generally heave in response to loud noises. Sometimes they turn their heads in the direction of the noise.
At about two months – a child’s hearing is improved. You should now be able to hear sounds of tones and intensities.
At about 3-4 months – the child begins to recognize the voice of the parents, to articulate certain consonants (M, K, G, P and B) and vocal.
At about 5-6 months – the child begins to laugh. The confused sounds that emits resemble more and more to the words.
Around 8-9 months – the child begins to understand the relationship between the words to gestures.
At about 11-12 months – the child begins to understand simple words like “milk” “bottle” or “bathroom.” They should begin to pronounce words like “Mom” or “Pappa”.

Symptoms of hearing loss

Consult a pediatric otolaryngologist for the baby if:

Screening conducted at the hospital detected a possible problem
The child has not been subjected to a screening in hospital
The child does not develop normal behaviors mentioned above


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