how to fix a scratched dvd or CD – Data Recovery

CD and DVD media are most fragile. A few scratches here and there and can easily become papeles.Te steps show you some tricks to repair damaged CD and DVD and how to recover data from CD / DVD.


Scratches that are perpendicular (going from the center outwards) are generally less harmful or damaging than the scratches that go along the spiral. So if your CD / DVD has over the past, then the chances of recovering data from the CD or DVD can be smaller.

Recover data from damaged CD / DVD

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Repairing damaged DVD or CD

First try with some programs or software to make your life easier and try to recover data from the disk. You can deal with more than one application if unsuccessful with the above. I have had experiences in the past, when one has done a better job than others, either the amount of data that is retrieved or the speed with which it recovers. However most of the time CD Recovery Toolbox has been one of the best.

Just insert the damaged CD, DVD, HD DVD (if you still use them) or Blue-Ray disc and the software will display a list of files and folders that are on the disk. Choose the ones that want to recover and click Next. The process can be very slow so you have to be patient.

Another software solution you can try is Unstoppable Copier Roadkil. It is also a similar software that can recover data from damaged or scratched discs. If the recovery is taking too long can also pause, save and resume sessions at another time.

How to try repair damaged CD or DVD

If the disc has deep scratches you can try to repair scratches to the disc is playable again. The best way to do this is to use a whitening toothpaste or liquid (especially those used by opticians).

First clean the disc surface with a soft, lint-free cloth. You can use a mild detergent (or rubbing alcohol) if there are any grease stains. Make sure there are no fingerprints or dust particles. Do not rub too hard, as it can do more harm than good in this way.

Now apply a little toothpaste on the scratched surface. It is best to start with a minimal amount. Now rub gently with a cloth moving from the center out. If you’ve done a good job, you will actually see a decrease of zero, or if it was small, it might just disappear.

Success with this method is very variable. It is unpredictable. I had the same amount of success and failure. Sometimes it works that allows you to even read this data, it is sometimes of no use at all.

dvd data recovery software

It ‘a program focused primarily on the identification of errors on a CD (or DVD), but it also allows you to do a data recovery.
The main functionality of CDCheck involves making a comparison between the data on the hard disk and burned data, even in the case of CD-Audio (in this case taking as reference the tracks WAV Hard Disk): in this case will be able to whether the burning took place in an absolutely identical to the data on the disk drive. E ‘can also make him control a CD / DVD to see if there are any errors in it (feature still less powerful than the aforementioned comparison).The part on data recovery almost works, but nothing comparable to that of specific programs (which, unfortunately, are in charge).And ‘free, and it works the way it is; if we want the actual license (always free), we have to check us by email.
Download CDCheck

CD Recovery Toolbox Free
I ‘a very good program to recover data from CD, DVD and Blu-Ray: I consider the best free ones.
It fails to work even with physically damaged disc (for example, due to scratches or accidental contact with liquids, etc.), That the operating system even rfiuta to accept: CD Recovery toolbox performs a scan, and in the end will seek to recover all the recoverable.Note however, the avoidance of doubt, that in the case of records (especially if DVD) physically damaged, the process of scanning and recovery can last many hours (as in all such programs, however).
Simple and effective.
Download CD Recovery Toolbox Free